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No Application and NO Credit Check... just sign up and it's yours!

NOTE: Bonus is paid ONLY for NEW Net Spend CUSTOMERS.  Past or existing customers are ineligible.  So, if possible, have it requested by a spouse or other family member's name.

Then earn even more, just by letting others get their $20.00!  over and over...


How's it work?  Simple!

  • 1. SIGN UP NOW! and Complete the simple form

    If asked to enter a referral code use- 3758988494

  • 2. In 5 to 7 days you will receive a prepaid VISA NetSpend Card.

  • 3. Load your card with, at least, $40.  The Moment you Load it NetSpend IMMEDIATELY ADDS another $20 to your card!  (NOTE:  We were recently informed that your $20 transfer may take up to 48 hours.

    • All you did was move $40 to your card and they GAVE you another $20!

    • You now have $60 on your card that you can spend anywhere

    • Do you have a Wife?, Husband? Son?  Friends?  They can do it too!!! 


  • Now... Earn Even More! 

    • When you've loaded your card, submit the confirmation that you loaded your card, into the "NetSpend" Confirmation link. NetSpend Confirmation ... 

    • ASN then pays you 8 Points which earns you, at least, the ASN Intro bonus, fast start profit sharing bonus. and, at least, 6 levels of commission overrides on your downline.

  • Want to earn even more?  

    You already turned $40 into $60...  you also earned, at least, the Intro and ASN Fast Start profit sharing bonus..

    • You can spend your card's money anywhere...  Why not spend where you earn??

    • If you spend it at Walmart or Amazon or ANY company banner on your ASN site... You Earn Even More!  Use it on your site for your normal shopping and earn even more points and more money!  See Scores of Your Partner Companies


  • NOW... Earn Even More!  You can send your friends YOUR net spend referral ID (you automatically receive one), when they enter your NetSpend ID as the referrer; like you, they get a card and $20 when they load it with, $40... and you get $20 too!  

    • Or, you can simply send them to this page to get their own netspend card!  They get their $20 and you get 8 points for each NetSpend card loaded from this page. 

It couldn't be easier...

Get your card.

Show others where to get their card.

You earn... and they earn!  Over and over and over...

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